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First Fish, Backwell Lake Rudd


The look on the faces of the boys in the picture says it all. The first fish, by no means a monster, but it will never be forgotten.
This is the first step on what may well be a lifelong love of angling. When others are in the amusement arcade or hanging around street corners with all the dangers and temptations on offer there, the young angler is enjoying a days fishing.
The only wildlife to have an effect on this individual is the natural wildlife of our lakes, rivers and canals. How many have seen the vivid blue and orange flash that is a Kingfisher in flight or had a Robin sitting quietly within arms reach. To anglers this is not an uncommon thing.
JAGB Coaches teach people of all ages to enjoy fishing by doing it properly, and to respect the countryside. Anglers are the guardians of our waterways, much of the improvement in the quality of our rivers is thanks to the pressure applied by anglers. What better way to appreciate these improvements and discover the normally invisible inhabitants of our waterways than a day on the bank.

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