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Fishing is a wonderful pastime, it is suitable for both sexes and all ages, but how do you start?

With most sports you have a go, enjoy it, and get coaching to improve. With fishing lots of people have a go, catch nothing, and give up. With angling it is vital to get fishing lessons first. When you have a go with an accredited coach, you will catch fish and enjoy your new sport.

Please browse this site, it is in it's infancy but will grow. There is some basic advice about tackle selection, information on local venues and how to get coaching. I trust you will find it useful whether you are a beginner, improver, or just new to the area.

Question "Who is an accredited Coach ?"

Answer A trained professional angling instructor. He or she will have a Level 2 certificate in coaching angling. This is a national certificate awarded by the Joint Angling Governing Bodies which consist of the National Federation of Anglers (coarse fishing), The National Federation of Sea Anglers (sea fishing) and The Salmon and Trout Association (game angling). All level 2 coaches will have had the same basic training and specific training and examination in their chosen sector of the sport. Some may have gained accreditation in more than one discipline. I have accreditation from GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association) for fly fishing - you can also find me in the directory of instructors at fly fishing tackle traders, Fishtec.

The training is the same as that given to coaches in all other sports, and is recognised by the Sports Industries Federation as a national qualification. These coaches have undergone first aid training, child protection, been CRB checked and have public liability insurance.

You can find out more about GAIA by visiting www.gameanglinginstuctors.co.uk.

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