(Cyprinus carpio)

(Cyprinus carpio)

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GeneralLiving to a maximum age of 30 years. Rarely exceeds 100cm in length with a few fish over30lbs, a fish of over 40lbs is a rarity.
Where to fish in the Bristol AreaThe Common and Mirror Carp (the latter being simply a variation in scaling, and not a separate species) is now one of the most widespread fish in this country. This is due mainly to the commercial coarse fishery boom. Virtually every fishery of this type has a good stock and many have lakes set aside for the larger specimens. More details of day ticket fishing for Carp can be found on the Day Ticket waters page. Free fishing for Carp is also available at St. Georges Park Lake.
Methods and baitsCarp can be caught on a variety of methods and baits.Fish upto 5lbs on waggler or pole with caster, maggot, sweetcorn, bread, meat or paste. For 5lb plus fish the Method or floating chum mixers or bread to 8 or10lb line and a 1 1/2 lb test curve rod improves the chances of getting a fish on the bank. The largest specimens tend to be caught on hair rigged boilies with a buzzer set up. This method is rather specialised and can be both expensive and time consuming.

The above is a brief outline. If you require more help please contact me, Mike Hobbs, and we may be able to have a day out together catching fish.

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