(Carassius carassius)

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GeneralWhilst having a lifespan of up to twenty years, , the Crucian rarely gets to 3lb in weight, with very few over 4lb. Resembling a brown goldfish it's maximum length is approx 40cm.
Where to fish in the Bristol AreaCommercial fisheries are the best place to look for this species. Bullock Farm at Kingston Seymour has plenty of these scrapping little fish.
Methods and baitsCrucians can be very crafty, a lightly shotted waggler or pole rig will make bite detection much easier. Try on or just over depth. Crucians have an uncanny knack of being able to pick up the bait and move it around without pulling the float under. If the float starts going walkabout, you should strike. Baits are bread punch, maggot, caster or sweetcorn.

The above is a brief outline. If you require more help please contact me, Mike Hobbs, and we may be able to have a day out together catching fish.

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