(Perca fluviatilis )

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GeneralA lifespan of ten years, and a maximum length of 40cm., the Perch can attain 4lb with a very few over 5lb.
Where to fish in the Bristol AreaThe perch is making a comeback in most of our rivers, lakes, canals and drains. The Perch will show up almost anywhere so method is probably more important than a given venue.
Methods and baitsThe best method for getting Perch going is chopped worm fishing. Perch love worms, reds, dendra or lobs. With their aggressive nature, small specimens will attack a lobworm longer than themselves. Pole fishing allows the best control. Cup in chopped worm, and fish a whole, or section of worm to a size 16 wide gape hook. Present this bait so it just trips bottom when fishing river or canals. On lakes, again present just on depth but work the bait by lifting the pole a few inches allowing the bait to settle again. This will often induce a bite.
If you know where Perch hang out, or fancy a walk along the bank, spinning with a small Mepps or Ondex spinner can be productive.

The above is a brief outline. If you require more help please contact me, Mike Hobbs, and we may be able to have a day out together catching fish.

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