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GeneralLiving to fourteen years, this attractive summer species can get to 10lb and 60cm in length, a very few may exceed 12lb, but are probably females carrying eggs.
Where to fish in the Bristol AreaAs with many other species, commercial day ticket waters will generally hold Tench. My favourite venue is the free water of Abbots Pool in Leigh Woods. If you are prepared to travel the Tiverton Canal holds a good head of large Tench, and Cheddar Resevoir is also well worth a try.
Methods and baitsThe Tench is primarily a summer fish, and best saught in early morning or at dusk. It will take bread, maggots, caster, worm, sweetcorn, paste and boilies. Tench signal their presence in a swim by grubbing around in the silt on the bottom and sending up streams of small oily bubbles. Fish overdepth with a waggler or pole to allow the fish time to confidently take the bait. Tench can often set a float dithering all over the place as its large, paddle like fins brush against the line. Don't strike to soon but wait for the float to purposefully go under. A good method for bite indication is a shot large enough to sink the float, layed on the bottom a few inches from the hook. As the Tench picks up the bait it will also lift the shot, causing the float to slide away. On the larger or deeper venues such as gravel pits or reservoirs, the groundbait feeder is your best bet.

The above is a brief outline. If you require more help please contact me, Mike Hobbs, and we may be able to have a day out together catching fish.

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