Cuba  May 2003

Well the fishing just gets better and better.  As more anglers are going to the area, more fishing spots are being discovered, and the deep sea fishing boats are improving their technique. Below are some pictures of the latest catches. There will be more when I get mine developed and others I met send me theirs.

So where should you fish and what with?

If you are a fly fisherman you could have a go at the Tarpon. At the front of the Melia Cayo Guillermo there is a lagoon. From the International Restaurant of the hotel you will see a deep channel that runs along the lagoon towards the Sol Melia next door (8 minutes walk away). Small Tarpon of about 25lb patrol along this channel from the bridge entering the Melia to the front entrance of the Sol. They have seen a lot of flies and it is very important to stay as low as possible and land your fly lightly on the water. A leader of a minimum 25lb is required and should be over 12ft in length to avoid lining the fish. Pink lures in smaller sizes #2 #4 are recommended by local guide Doniesky. I would suggest that black flies will work well as many of the resident fry are dark in colour. Popper lure have got to be worth a go as well. You can wade as the bottom in most place is firm, use flats wading boots or old trainers. There are also a good number of Snook present. Warning there is a 10ft crocodile living under the International Restaurant.  The locals are trying to get him out, but he puts up a bit of a fight!!!! If you can't tempt these fish on the fly they will take prawn baits and small lures such as skitter pops.

Playa Pillar. For $5 return you can get the land train to Playa Pillar, a beautiful beach for swimming. If you stay on past the Playa Pillar drop off point the train carries on to its turning point. Here you can wade out and cast to the the deep channel where there are Tarpon, Jacks and the ever present Barracuda.

Rock fishing. Twenty minutes plus walk along the beach from the Melia Cayo Guillermo there is a rocky out crop. This is volcanic rock and is very sharp, make sure you have strong trainers. Tarpon are said to come in here but I did not see any. However there are many species to be caught from here. It is where My good friend Yosmany (a waiter at the hotel) fished and he caught a 15lb red snapper on a hand line. See the pic below.  I had a 6ld Puffer Fish which blew itself up like a beach ball. For more information on this please email me.

Stewarts Barracuda

Dorado aka Mahi Mahi aka Dolphin fish

Another Barracuda

Yosmany's 15lb snapper

Juan Miguel, myself and Yosmany

Gary hiding under hat and glasses

Male Dorado

Terry and Barracuda

An average catch


Hemmingway Tableau

Julian's 25lb Black Grouper


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