Cuba has fishing a plenty


If your wife wants a holiday in a five star hotel, with lots of sun, and you want a holiday with lots of fishing. Cuba is the place to go to!

Most anglers know that Ernest Hemmingway fished for Marlin out of Havana. Until recently the only place anyone visited in Cuba was Havana and the many bars that Hemmingway was reputed to frequent. But times are changing.

Due to the trade embargoes forced on Cuba by the United States, which prevent them from selling their main crop of sugar cane on the world market. The Cubans have now opened the country for tourism to get much needed hard currency in the form of US Dollars. Consequently there are hotels going up, next to the best beaches on the many Cayos (islands) on the Atlantic coast. The sea is warm and blue and salt flats abound. We are talking near virgin fishing venues.

I have been to Cuba three years following, read my reports for May 2003 , June2002 and June 2001

Latest Report from Gordon Honey Professional Guide

Mike back from Cuba the Pelican boats are back $10.00 for 2 hours but you can't get them until 9 a bit to late.
 I learned quite a bit,  we fished for bones 3 k down the beach past the shack also the fellow at the pelican boat rental can hook you up with Juanito(a very good bone guide) for a day they truck the boats to Cayo Romano for bones $130.00 per boat, caught Cudas in the am right on the beach  on the fly also fly rod popper.  Also discovered the TRYP has a lagoon as well,  with more Snook and Tarpon than at the Melia (Pelican boats as well)
We also had a great 1/2 day of channel fishing for Snappers and Cudas at Guillermo a good contact is a young fellow from the Guillermo Fishing club his name is Duniesky Urbano the manager Pavel is a good guy as is Orlando his wife Eve is the inbound rep at the Melia in Coco.  Also enjoyed Ramon at the Melia G he is the cigar store manager also a bartender in the lobby bar Edgar is a crazy fisher as well.
Duniesky knows the bones at Coco I left him an 8 weight fly outfit and told him he had better be a good caster when I return in 2004.
The channel fishing for Snappers was very good even in high winds  that prevented us from using fly gear but did well on spinning and baitcasters using Rapalas if you go back take a bundle of Raps in shallow divers blue in color.
We had a great time and will return next year but only to Coco we felt it was better all round than the Melia G
I think the thing to do is rent a car and explore
Gordon Honey
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